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Over our 20 plus years in business, Plancorp’s services have continued to expand in response to the changing business climate and our clients’ needs to relieve their own staff of the full responsibility for managing their move.

Plancorp, working with the client, identifies all move-related tasks then develops a scope of work that takes into account the client’s move experience, internal and external resources, and budgetary limits. Plancorp always works in concert with the client’s management and Move Team to ensure that our approaches are compatible with the work environment.Plancorp emphasizes strong communication and close coordination among all project participants without excessive meetings. Electronic communication is used to expand the dissemination of project-related information. Individual department support is provided with the use of planning guidelines and checklists coupled with periodic on-site visits as the planning process proceeds.

Plancorp has developed the move strategies for several different situations.

  • Phased Moves required to accommodate staggered construction completion, business operations requirements, furniture delivery, technology installations etc.;
  • Swing Space Moves required when a group moves to “temporary space” then returns to former location or new location when construction and other tenant improvements are completed;
  • Single Moves when entire company or group is moved over several days with no interim destinations.
  • Backfill moves required when the space vacated by one user is reused within a short period of time by another department of the company with only minimal space improvements.Planning and coordination are different for each type of move. The technology and furniture aspects of the moves usually determine the final timing and approach. For more information on our services or to obtain a quote, please contact us.





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